Friday, November 1, 2013

Oh, patents! Malicious Worms

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Has your computer ever acted really crazy? Have you ever watched all the letters in your files delete as if Pacman was gobbling them up, or as if you had pressed the delete key and somehow it had gotten stuck? Have you ever downloaded a file that sets off virus protection alerts, while downloading malicious code faster than you can hit your browser to close it? If you have…. chances are that it could be a worm, a weasel, or a whole can of worms… Pesky, and spineless, little electronic creatures that can mess up your computer, and your whole life while they are at it.
Mercifully, there is good virus protection software that can restore some measure of order and productivity on your desktop, and even repair all the damages incurred. The companies that produce the packages also have active networks allowing them to stay on top of worm attacks, Trojan vectors and hacker break-ins.
The following is a prime Worm-defense patent – even if software is very hard to patent: US2013047257 Systems and Methods for computer worm defense, and below the abstract.
 Abstract US2013047257 Systems and Methods for computer worm defense 
A computer worm defense system comprises multiple containment systems tied together by a management system. Each containment system is deployed on a separate communication network and contains a worm sensor and a blocking system. In various embodiments, the computer worm may be transported from a production network, where the computer worm is not readily identifiable, to an alternate network in the worm sensor where the computer worm may be readily identifiable. Computer worm identifiers generated by a worm sensor of one containment system can be provided not only to the blocking system of the same containment system, but can also be distributed by the management system to blocking systems of other containment systems
 Begone Worms and Weasels! Your place is in the bowels of nuclear warheads. That’s where you can have a field day!

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