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Oh, patents! CuteCircuit wearable technology

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 How cool would be cool if you could control the color and pattern of your skirt or shirt with your Iphone? 


The fact is that you can! You can even control the LED-light up colors, patterns and shades of your whole wardrobe providing that all the items in it are designed by CuteCircuit

 CuteCircuit is a London-based wearable technology company founded by Design Creator Francesca Rosella (Italy) and CEO Ryan Gentz (USA) in 2004. They have designed several groundbreaking articles combining smart fabric with microelectronics and resulting in both beautiful and very functional clothing. Probably the most well-known piece was the Twitter dress which displays live updates, and was worn by celebrity Nicole Sherzinger. 

The patent for this invention, US2011119812,  is titled Fabric constructions with sensory transducers. The invention resolves prior art problems with laundering flexible circuit boards, and recites an article with transducers, preferably for illumination, that has the look and feel of a regular garment. The invention also simplifies the manufacturing process, and it includes means allowing for a wide variety of transducer designs and patterns, as well as means for removing sensitive circuitry prior to laundering.

Below you will  find the abstract for US2011119812, and the Figure 1 patent drawing. 


A fabric construction includes sensory transducers, such as light-emitting diodes, for sensory effects while maintaining the look and feel of a conventional fabric item. The construction is especially adapted for implementation as a garment. The construction has a fabric layer and an appliqué on a front surface of the fabric layer. A plurality of electrical sensory transducers are arranged in a desired pattern with an electrical harness electrically interconnecting the sensory transducers to a drive and control circuit. The transducers and harness are located between a rear surface of the appliqué and a front surface of the fabric layer, while the drive and control circuitry is positioned at a rear surface of the fabric layer. The fabric layer and appliqué are bonded together to seal the transducers and harness in place. Releasable connectors extend through the fabric layer to operatively connect the harness to the drive and control circuit.
Unconvinced? Take a peek at the YouTube video included below … of an amazing CuteCircuit fashion show presenting light-up designs, embodying this invention! 


This company’s wearable technology just made a splash at the NYC fashion week, so get ready to light-up your wardrobe, including handbags and shoes!...


De Ninno, N. (Feb. 14, 2014) An Iphone controlled miniskirt? Wearable tech company CuteCircuit debuts light up clothes at NYC Fashion Week.

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