Sunday, March 23, 2014

Oh, patents! Parallels™!

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So, you love your Mac… and your favorite professional TM (Translation Memory) program only runs on a PC…. Yikes! You could be in a pickle.

Relax… you no longer have to choose between your Mac and a PC! You can have the best of both worlds on your beloved Mac.

Thanks to Parallels™, you can have a virtual PC running all your PC applications on your Mac, and even have both desktops running at the same time! Parallels™  has emerged as the industry standard for running virtual machines (VM) on a Mac. This means that you can have a complete Windows environment including for example your Windows Microsoft and Adobe suites, and your Translation Memory program, all running in a virtual Windows environment, on your Mac OS machine, itself loaded with the IMac suites and any other programs that you use which are Mac based -- both machines, the virtual and the native, working perfectly in parallel.

Cool! ... Parallels™ also asks you, when you plug in a USB device, such as a printer or an extra external drive, or your Iphone or tablet, where you would like to plug your device. To your Mac or PC? This way, you can download your pics to Iphoto, and scan or print from your virtual PC, or visa versa, just as easily as when you physically select and use a port on one machine, or another.

This amazing virtualization of computer environments, with a super friendly interface, is the topic of more than 100 patentable VM software patents, running on computer-readable media devices!

The following is a very small sample of these patents for parallel processing of host and virtual operating systems:

  • US8387048 – Seamless integration, migration and installation of non-native application in native operating system
  • US7788593 – Seamless integration and installation of non-native application into native operating system
  • US7975236 Seamless integration of non-native application into host operating system
  • US7681134Seamless integration and installation of non-host application into native operating system
  • US7987432Seamless integration and installation of non-native application into native operating system
  • US8117554Seamless integration of non-native widgets and windows with dynamically scalable resolution into native operating system
  • US2012311560 Portable virtual machine
  • US8307358 --Method and system for unattended installation of guest operating system
  • US816647 System and method for restoration of an execution environment from hibernation in a virtual or physical machine

Add to all this patenting activity… a huge Parallels bonus:
Tech support is wonderful. The techies use a remote control program to access your cursor and desktop. And you just sit back and relax, while they fix, enable or troubleshoot your virtual and native machines – even if it takes several hours. 

Oh, and no worries about space. Now that VM computing is so easy, you might want, not one, but several VMs running on your MAC, for your diversified computing needs! Below is the image of a screenshot displaying 5 VMs running on a Mac -- even if the Mac does not (yet) provide a capacitive screen for optimal use of Windows 8.


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