Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh, patents! Blue Lizard® Smart Bottle™

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Yeah, yeah yeah, sunscreen, schmuncream…

 Ok… how about if you had a way of seeing how much UV radiation there is around you, both indoors and outdoors? Would that convince you to apply sunscreen for protection against this damaging radiation?


This is exactly what you will see and find out when you use the USA manufactured, Australian Blue Lizard® sunscreen which comes packaged in a patented Smart Bottle® that turns bright blue in the presence of UV radiation!


And to top this really cool bottle technology, the sunscreen contents comply with Australia’s sun protection standards which are the highest and most stringent in the world.


The patent US6405867, titled Package for suncream, assigned to Crown Laboratories Inc., discloses the Blue Lizard® Smart Bottle™ technology, consisting of photochromic material means to display the presence of UV radiation. The photochromic material means react to the presence of UV radiation by changing color according to the intensity of the UV radiation. In one embodiment of the invention, these photochromic means are specifically located on the bottle to combine with a label that indicates, according to the color of the photochromic material, when it is recommended to apply sunscreen. In another embodiment of the invention, the photochromic means are blended in with the HDPE (high density polyethylene) material of the bottle, and the whole bottle changes color to various shades of blue depending on the amount of UV radiation that is present. Thus, the invention of this bottle with special patented photochromic material is designed to alert users when they are in the presence of UV radiation, so that they will know when to apply sunscreen.


Below you will find the patent abstract of this invention, and one of the patent figure drawings and above an image of one of the marketed products. 

Abstract US6405867:  A bottle includes a base and a continuous sidewall extending upwardly from the periphery of the base to a neck. The neck defines an opening which is selectively blocked by a lid. Base and sidewall define a cavity for containing a suncream or the like which a person selectively applies to their skin to reduce the harmful effects of the sun's rays. The package also contains display means for providing a person with the indication of the intensity of UV radiation, or another ambient condition, incident upon the package.



This product intends to make sun safety easy and a lot of fun with a cool UV sensing bottle that turns blue!

And Crown Labs are really very serious about sun safety. They even teach it in kindergarten at elementary schools in Hawaii!


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