Saturday, January 10, 2015

Long Live Charlie Hebdo! !@#$%^&* terrorism

All photos: Copyright© Le Nouvel Observateur

700,000 people throughout France have demonstrated in solidarity with “Charlie” in the aftermath of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo Offices on Jan 7, 2015. The gunmen killed 12 people, including 5 of the cartoonists, who for half a century poked fun at politicians, and leaders of all sorts, with brilliant talent:

Translation # I am Charlie
Nice, 23,000 demonstrators
 Lille 40,000 demonstrators
 Marseilles 45,000 demonstrators
 Nantes, 75,000 demonstrators
 Orleans 22,000 demonstrators
 Rueil-Malmaison (Paris subburb)
 Toulouse 120,000 demonstrators
 Pau 35,000 demonstrators 

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