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Oh, patents! 2015 EPO Awards - The Finalists!

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The list of finalists for the EPO Inventor awards 2015 Is published at the EPO!! 

And what a spectacular line-up! 

The competition includes five categories (industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, research, non-European Patent Organization countries and life-time achievement), and in each category three finalists. The selected finalists have all contributed inventions to make life easier, to enhance economic development, to promote the creation of jobs, and in many instances to save human lives. The awards ceremony will take place in Paris this year, on June 11, at the magnificent and historical landmark Palais Brongniart.

Below, see the list of these distinguished scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with links to two of those inventions already presented here at Patents on the Soles of your shoes and within the context of the NYU Spring 2015 Patents translation class. Sample patents are also included.

In the Non-European Patent Organization countries category
- Elizabeth Holmes (USA)– Founder of Theranos and Inventor of micro-sample blood testing
(see Herrmann, 2014a)

Sample patents:· EP2205968EP1662987,EP2018188
- Ian Frazer (Australia) and Jian Zhout (China)– Inventors of the HPV vaccine
Sample patentsEP0750669, 
- Sumio Iijima, Akira Koshio and Masako Yudasaka (Japan) – Inventors of the carbon nanotube
Sample patents: 

In the small and medium enterprise category
- Michel Lescanne (France) – Inventor of Plumpy’nut therapeutic food against child malnutrition
(see Herrmann, 2014b)
Sample patents: EP1032280, EP1328169, FR2541870
- Laura Johana Van de Veer and team (Netherlands) – Inventor of a gene-based breast cancer test
Sample patents
EP1410011EP1590433 US7171311
- John Elvesjö and Mårten Skogö (Sweden) – Inventors of an eye-tracking device
Sample patents EP1562469EP2237237

In the Reaserch category
- Luke Alphey (United Kingdom) – Inventor of genetically modified mosquitoes to control dengue fever
Sample patents: EP1246927EP1649027
- Hendrik Marius Jonkers (The Netherlands) – Inventor of self-hearing cement containing bacteria
Sample patents: EP2247551, EP2082999, WO2014185781
- Ludwik Leibler (France) – Inventor of Vitrimers (a new category of supramolecular polymers)
Sample patents: EP1465930, EP2794668, EP2857350

In the Industry category
- Jean-Christophe Giron and Saint-Gobain Vitrage, Est. since 1665 (France) – Inventor of electronically tintable glass
Sample patents: EP0831360, EP2691933
- Gunnar Asplund (Sweden) – Inventor of high voltage power grid connection
Sample patents: EP867998 EP2569842, EP2241003
- Franz Amtmann, et al. (Austria) and Philippe Maugars, et al. (France) – Inventors of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology
Sample patents: EP1488375, EP1247410,EP1272973, EP1081630, EP2002376,EP1851865

In the Life-time acheivement category
- Ivars Kalvins & team (Latvia)– Inventor of Mldronate heart medication and others
Sample patents: EP1328510, EP1009732, EP1778632
- Kornelis A. Schouhamer Immink (Netherlands) - Coding method for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray
Sample patents: EP0653631, EP0544969, EP0497077
- Andreas Manz (Switzerland) - Microchip-sized blood analysis system
Sample patents: EP0084913, EP1000467, EP0702827
Herrmann, F. (2014a) Oh, Patents! Oh, patents! Theranos micro-sample lab testing (Feb. 28, ,2014) at Patents in the soles of your shoe
Herrmann, F. (2014b)  Oh, patents! Oh, patents! Plumpy’Nut° Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food (Jan. 19, 2014) at Patents in the soles of your shoe

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