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Oh, patents! Perugia superstar, US utility patents

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Perugia was an extraordinarily prolific inventor!  

Not only did Perugia file design patents for all the new shoe models that he invented, he also filed many more utility patents, in regards shoe manufacture, materials and ergonomy. 

Perugia’s utility patents span a wide range of inventions: 
 - improvements to soles, manufacturing processes, comfort and wear
- new materials for shoe manufacturing including organic fibers, cork and wood
- new manufacturing processes for use of the new materials, for various new parts of a shoe such as strapping, or elastic portions
- new sorts of shoes, sandals, in particular, and
- new sorts of heels, from the whimsical musical heels to removable and changeable heels.

Perugia’s US (only) utility patents are listed below. As you will see, in some cases I. Miller and Sons was the Assignee.  The patents listed are hyperlinked to the keyed figure drawings filed as part of the disclosure of the inventions, at the USPTO.

The patents that Perugia filed in France, Germany, Switzerland Canada and Austria will be listed in subsequent posts, and some of the inventions presented in greater detail.

US Utility Patents
US1609918 – Heel for shoes – Dec. 7, 1926 – André Perugia.
US1642889 – Shoe heel – Sept. 20 1927 – André Perugia.
US1798271 - Shoe closure – March 31, 1931, André Perugia, Assignee I Miller and Sons.
US1814260 – The manufacture of shoe uppers – July 14, 1931 - André Perugia.
US2136084 - Shoe – November 8, 1938 - André Perugia.
US2208104 – Shoe – July 16, 1940 – Andre Perugia, Assignee Saks and Company.
US2199713 - Footwear – May 7, 1941 – André Perugia.
US2465817 - High Heel shoe - March 29, 1949 - André Perugia, Assignee I Miller and Sons.
US2592182 – Shoe with elastic back and added fastening means – April 8 1952 - Perugia.
US2632259 - Improvements to initially divided insoles - March 24, 1953 - Perugia.
US2726462 - Improvements to initially divided insoles – Dec. 13, 1955 – Perugia.
US2730736 Method of making shoes – Jan 17, 1956 – Perugia.
US2795866 - Ladies shoe – June 18, 1957 - André Perugia, Assignee I. Miller and Sons.

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