Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oh, patents! Skip*Hop® Bathtub baby rinser

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Do you have a little tot? Would you like to gently shower your baby or remove shampoo with a soft flow of water? Skip*Hop® has an ingenious whale-looking jug that enables you to scoop water and then to pour it evenly and gently on your baby’s head. The jug is further equipped with a soft yellow rubber lip that fits snuggly on your infant's forehead, and thus protects face and eyes from water and shampoo!

The Skip*Hop® bathwater jug is called a baby rinser. It has a wide, semi-cylindrical opening with channels on the lower portion, extending from the closed end to the opening of the jug. The channels are designed to spread the flow of water widely and evenly across the opening as the water is dispensed, resulting in a gentle shower.  

Additionally, the Skip*Hop® baby rinser really looks like a blue whale, with a curled up tail that functions as a handle to scoop up bath water!

US2015305470, titled Bathtub baby rinser, was filed on October 29, 2015. The patent abstract is included below with one of the patent drawings, and an image of the marketed product.

Happy tubby time!

A container has a body with an opening for holding a fluid such as water. A plurality of substantially parallel fins extend from an opening toward an opposite end of the container defining parallel channels. When a fluid is dispersed from the opening of the container, the fluid is dispersed evenly across the opening in a coaxial direction to the fins [Abstract US2015305470].


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