Friday, December 16, 2016

INPI 2016 Innovation trophies – The winners!

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The winners of the 2016 INPI Innovation trophies in the four categories of Trademark, Patents, Research and Design, are the following:
  • Obut®, a pétanque ball company in the Trademark category.  
  • Wandercraft, a firm designing robotic exoskeletons for wheelchair users, striving to create ordinary lives for extraordinary people, in the Patent category. 
  • LAPHIA (Laser and Photonics in Aquitaine) an interdisciplinary cluster of research, operating with funds from the University of Bordeaux, bringing together multidisciplinary teams focused on laser and high energy physics, photonics and materials, and innovative imaging, in the Research category.
  • Procédés Chénela firm creating interior design solutions made of paper, with a more than 100-year old history, dating back to 1896, in the Design category.

The lucky winners not only received an Ora-ïto designed trophy. They were also treated to 25 years of macaron dessert creations, celebrating the 25th annual award of the INPI Innovation Trophies, offered by the master pastry-chef and President of the Jury Pierre Hermé.

As for the People’s Choice Trophy, where you might have cast a vote, results remain undisclosed.👠

INPI 2016 Innovation Trophy Awards
Pierre Hermé
Procédés Chénel

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