Monday, January 16, 2017

Terminology – More 2016 ADS WOTTIES

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The ADS (American Dialect Society) votes for WOTTIES  (Words of the Year) in several additional categories, including hashtags and emoji!

The line-up for 2016 looked like this:

·        Political word of the year
Post-truth referring to a time where beliefs and opinions count more than facts,  competing for example, against Pantsuit Nation referring to a Facebook group of Hillary Clinton supporters.  

·        Digital word of the year
@ meaning “reply” on Twitter, as in “atting”, “@ing”,  “@replying” or “@username”.

·        Slang word of the year
woke as in “being woke”, meaning socially aware or enlightened

·        Most useful / Most likely to succeed word of the year
gaslight (verb) meaning to psychologically manipulate a victim into thinking they are insane. (Origin in a 1938 play by Britsh playwright Patrick Hamilton titled Gas Light, and a 1944 big screen adaptation titled Gaslight).

·        Most creative word of the year
laissez-fairydust meaning magical effects of laissez-faire economics.

·        Euphemism of the year
locker-room banter referring to lewd and vulgar talk euphemizing discourse on harassment of, and aggression towards, women.

·        Hashtag of the Year
#NoDAPL: protest against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline within the context of a conflict involving the preservation of sacred Native American Sioux land. 

    Emoji of the year

(fire) - meaning exciting or superlative.


ADS (American Dialect Society) 
Press release - American dialect Society: words of the Year
Wikipedia : Gas Light (1938)
    Wikipedia : Gaslight (1944 film)

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