Thursday, May 31, 2018

Oh, patents! Hololens gestures (3)

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Did you notice how Microsoft Hololens users resort to gestures to control the holograms? Actually, they use a combination of gaze and gestures, and sometimes voice and the Hololens clicker.

Several gestures are commonly used in combination with a gaze. 
- The Bloom gesture is the Home gesture. 
- To move the virtual cursor, users move their heads and gaze at a holographic app, a holographic menu item or hologram. 
- To select a holographic item (i.e.; to "click" on it), users combine gaze and Air Tap, swiftly tapping their finger in the air. 
- To scroll, pin/unpin, drag and resize a holographic item, users combine gaze, Air Tap, hold and movement. For example, to scroll, users gaze, Air tap and hold a scroll tool, and then move their hand up or down.  To drag, users gaze, Air tap and hold a drag tool, and then move their hand right or left.

Easy! But how does it work since everything is virtual, and the user’s fingers are not touching anything? Traditional modes of input invoke various sorts of controllers, joysticks, mice, keyboards, haptics, or voice. Gesture input to control mixed reality, using the Hololens, is read and interpreted via the head-mounted Hololens camera sensor. When the gesture is performed within the camera’s field of view, the cursor is ring-shaped, when the gesture is performed outside the camera’s field of view, the cursor is dot-shaped.  Once the gesture is captured by the camera, it is then extracted from the flow of images, identified as a particular gesture, and then converted to input for the holographic app, or for legacy programs (i.e.; programs that were not designed to receive input in the form of gestures).

Microsoft Hololens gestures within the larger context of user input, invoke several patented inventions, the following three in particular:
The Microsoft YouTube video below shows uses of the Hololens AirTap gesture to select and manipulate various holographic items.

Microsoft Hololens

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