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Tonight, the OSCARS! In June, the EPO Inventor awards!

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Ladies and Gentlemen… tonight is the 87th Academy Awards for cinematographic achievement, a night honoring the stars of cinema… the OSCARS, held each year in Los Angeles, since 1929! (Circa the invention of crepe rubber soles….)

Now, please scroll forward…

On June 11, 2015, the EPO Inventor Awards will be held in Paris this year. This event is the "OSCARS" of invention awards. The European Patent Organization Inventor Awards, since 2006, is even an event that is in many ways mapped onto tonight’s OSCAR celebrations.

Inventors are nominated in five major categories: Research, Industry, SME – Small to Medium-sized Enterprises, Life-time achievement and non-European countries.  The public (you and I) have an opportunity both nominate inventors, and to vote and select a sixth, popular inventor award.  

However, unlike the gold-plated OSCAR statuette of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards, depicting an art-deco knight standing on reels of film, with five spokes symbolizing the five original branches of cinematic achievement for: actors, directors, producers, writers and technicians, the EPO Inventor Awards’ trophy is a beautifully crafted sail (perhaps further powered by an English pun...).

 To highlight the changing face of innovation, each year, the EPO Awards trophy is produced out of a different quintessential industrial material, in the country where the awards are held. For example, last year’s trophy was crafted from German porcelain, by the Royal Factory of Porcelain in Berlin. And this year in Paris the trophy will be produced with a different material – yet to be announced.

Images of the EPO Awards sail trophy and the Academy Awards Oscar are included above. And below, a short Youtube video explaining the crafting of the sail in 2011, when the EPO Inventor Awards were held in Budapest, Hungary.  

Indeed, in 2011, the trophy was crafted out of liquid wood or arboform, a biodegradable bioplastic that uses a wood byproduct called lignin, in combination with resins and other fibers to make plastic.

Stay tuned to participate and vote for the 2015 EPO inventor awards, and to discover all the 2015 EPO inventor nominations. These are usually some of the greatest inventions that have changed the hum of daily life, industrial life, medicine etc…

And, yes… in the interim, we will also spend a lot of time highlighting the controversial aspects of the patenting system. Indeed this system is deeply layered, and no examination of the patenting system is ever complete without understanding the controversies, or listening to the voices of dissent.

EPO – About the award
European Award Trophy 2011
European Inventor Award 2014  Trophy  

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