Tuesday, June 16, 2015

European Inventor Awards – The 2015 winners!

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So... who are the lucky winners who received one of the 3D stereolithographic and cast in bronze sail trophies, fabricated in France, on the occasion of the 10th 2015 EPO Inventor Awards competition?

The 2015 EPO Inventor award trophies were granted to the following winners:

In the Lifetime Achievement category – Andreas Manz (Switzerland) inventor of the microchip laboratory for point-of-service diagnostics and analysis (e.g.; portable diabetes monitor).

In the Industry category - Franz Amtmann (Austria) and Philippe Maugars (France) inventors of Near Field Communication (NFC), which secures data transfer between mobile devices.

In the Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) category, Laura Van 'T Veer, inventor of a gene-based breast cancer test called MammaPrint® that informs the best treatment options.

In the research category, Ludwik Leibler (France) – Inventor of Vitrimers (a new category of supramolecular polymers, with the capicity for infinite repair when heated, which means less waste (imagine scratches on the hood of a car which could be “cured”).

In the non-European Patent Organization country category: Sumio Iijima, Akira Koshio and Masako Yudasaka (Japan) – Inventors of the carbon nanotube (the strongest, lightest and most conductive material known)

And in the popular vote category, with 33% of the 47,000 votes cast, the prize was awarded to Ian Frazer (Australia) and Jian Zhout (China)– Inventors of the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine.

Congratulations to everyone!


Now…nominations are being accepted for the 2016 EPO Inventor awards…. Here is the Entry form! And here is the link to the nomination FAQs.

You can participate too, and nominate your favorite (qualifying) inventor!

Andreas Manz
The Vitrimer : A french Team (CNRS-ESPCI ParisTech) discovers a revolutionary material

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