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2015 EPO Awards - The Jury

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This year’s panel of 13 jurors shines with the inclusion of 6 women (4 more than usual), including in particular:
  • Anna Haupt, a young woman inventor, nominated as finalist in 2014 for the EPO Inventor Awards for an inflatable  bike helmet
  • Ingeborg Hochmair, also nominated as finalist in 2014 for the EPO Lifetime Achievement Award for the cochlear implant
  • Mandy Haberman, the well known British inventor of the Haberman® feeder and Anywayup® cup (also known as the ubiquitous “sippy cup”…), also nominated British Woman Inventor of the Year 2000
  • Christine Van Broeckhoven, winner of the 2011 EPO Inventor Award in the Research category for the identification of genes and proteins  with a role in neurodegenerative diseases of the brain (e.g.; Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Clara Gaymar, CEO and President of GE France since 2006
  • Ayse Odman Boztosun, Member of the Faculty of Law of the University of Antalya, Turkey, Member of the EPO Economic and Scientific Advisory board (ESAB)
On the gentlemen’s side of the jury, two inventors -- of a very famous cube, and very famous shoe soles:
  •  Ernö Rubik and his eponymous and globally known invention “Rubik’s cube”.
  • Mario Moretti Polegato –Inventor of “holey shoes”, that is, the vapour-permeable soles of the GEOX® Amphibiox shoes
And a panel of eminent business executives, academics, and government-appointed officials.
  •  Tony Tangena, Senior Vice-President at Phillips, responsible for Phillips IP, and now President of epi, an organization representing 10,000 European patent attorneys
  • Tian Lipu, Commissioner of China’s patent office (SIPO), from 2005 to 2014
  • Wolfgang H. Hecki, Director General of the Deutsches Museums in Munich, Professor of experimental physics and nanotachnology at the Technical University of Munich, plus many more accolades.
  • Gerhard Cromme, Chairman of the Siemens A.G. Supervisory Board
  • Louis Schweitzer, Chair of the EPO Jury. Former, and current Honorary, President of Renault S.A. Investment Commissioner appointed by the President of France

The Jury has already deliberated…. Let the ceremony begin! 

Christine Van Broeckhoven
Many Haberman
EPO – Economic and Scientific Advisory Board (ESAB)
Herrmann F. (2013) Oh, patents! Rubik’s® cube
Herrmann F. (2013) Oh, patents! Geox amphibiox!  (1)– Patents on the soles of your shoes
Herrmann F. (2013) Oh, patents! Geox amphibiox!  (3)– Patents on the soles of your shoes
Herrmann, F. (2014) 2014 EPO Patent Award nominations! Inflatable bike helmet – Patents on the soles of your shoes
Herrmann, F. (2014) Oh, patents! Cochlear implants – Patents on the soles of your shoes
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