Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oh, patents! I. Miller & Sons shoes (2)

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US1807792 titled Shoe is another I. Miller and Sons patent that addresses both issues of comfort and related manufacturing. 

This invention also specifically targets the shoe upper and comfort at the in-step, when there is a strap that risks cutting the wearer’s foot if it is too tight. To address this problem the invention cleverly provides for a strap to extend all the way around the back edge of the shoe, in a tunnel formed between the lining and outer edge of the shoe, so as to distribute tension evenly around, instead of at the two points where the straps  are usually attached. 

Additionally, the invention discloses that part of the strap may be manufactured of an elastic material so that the strap can “yieldably tension” and further adapt to the foot’s movement. And finally, the invention provides for the strap to be easily removed and replaced, as it slides through the tunnel opening around the shoe, thus providing an additional ornamental aspect, since it can be changed to match an outfit.

The two patent drawings extracted from US1807792 titled Shoe are included below, showing the movable and tension distributing strap in both Figures, and further attached  in Figure 2 to the forefront or "vamp" of the shoe.

... as well as the image of beautiful I. Miller and Sons evening shoes displaying this sort of tension distribution of the strap.

However…none of this would be complete without a matching “shoe perdu”*, also included!

Andy Warhol - Dial M for shoe...

*Just as a reminder, the shoe(s) perdu(s) are Andy Warhol’s drawings commissioned by I. Miller and Sons, as advertisements for the company. Warhol's drawings appeared each week in the New York Times... and they are now (in June 2015) on display on the third floor of the NYC MOMA.  

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