Saturday, July 4, 2015

Oh, patents! Shoe terminology....

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There are more than a few technical terms in the I. Miller and Sons shoe patents. The "last" and "lasting" shoes (with no pun intended), the vamp, the throat and the tongue of the shoe... 

Below, a  small bilingual shoe-parts picture glossary is included for your information, and for the clarity, accuracy  and general elegance of your expression…!

And while we are talking shoe parts, we may as well talk shoe types… so you will also find a small bilingual glossary of shoes types… to French...and from French, too.  You know… your loafers, Mary Janes, slides and beloved Crocs™ ...!

loafers, slip-ons
mocassins (m. pl.), loafers (, flaneurs (m. pl.)
babies (f. pl) , baby (f.s.)
sabots (m. pl)
Crocs™ (m. pl)
escarpins (m. pl.)
ballerines (f. pl)
baskets (m. pl.)
richelieu(s) (m. s(pl.).)
Derby (m. s.)
mocs (mocassins – Native American with fringes)
Keds™ (
(thong) flip flops
tongs (m. pl)
chaussons (m. pl)
pantouffles (f. pl)
thigh boot
cuissardes (f. pl)
knee boot
bottes (f. pl)
ankle boots
bottines (f. pl) pour femmes, botillons ( pour hommes, boots ( pour hommes et femmes)
bottes en caoutchouc (f. pl)
(chaussures, bottes, sandales) à semelles compensées (f. pl. adj.)
espadrilles (canvas & rope-soled shoes)
espadrilles (f. pl)
nu-pieds (m. pl.)
(shower) slides
claquettes de piscine (f. pl.)
heavy duty lace-up boot  (hiking or work)
brodequin (m.s.)
t-bar sandal, cross-toe sandal, school sandal (by Start Rite in UK, and Sonnet un US)
salomé (f.s.)
chaussures à bout pointu ou pointues (f. pl)
Charentais (bedroom, carpet, house) slipper
charentaises (
deck shoes
bateaux (m. pl.) – Lexique chaussures
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Herrmann, F (2013) Wow patents! Crocs!
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Wikipedia - Derby shoe 
Wikipedia - Winklepicker
Wikipedia - T-bar sandal
Wikipedia - Mary Jane (shoe)
Wikipedia - Oxford shoe
Wikipedia - Derby shoe


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