Sunday, April 30, 2017

EPO Awards 2017 - The Jury

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This year, the jury of the EPO Awards is gender-equal for the very first time! This means that an equal number of men and women selected the finalists and winners of the European patent awards in all the categories, except the popular vote now in process.   

In previous years, such famous inventors as Ernö Rubik (the Hungarian inventor of the Rubik’s cube) and Mandy Haberman (the British inventor of the “Anywayup™” sippy cup) were members of the jury.

Who are the 12 members of the EPO Awards jury this year, and how did they select the finalists and winners?

Below, you will find a video narrated by the President of the EPO, Benoît Battistelli, which gives a fascinating glimpse of the jurying process. 

For additional information on juror accolades, a hyperlinked list of the twelve 2017 jurors is also included, some of whose names you may recognize from previous years.  Dr. Helen Lee, for example,  who was Winner of the 2016 European Inventor Award in the popular vote category for SAMBA, a portable diagnostic lab developed for the third world; or Mario Moretti Polegato, Chair of the 2017 Jury, who is the inventor of Geox shoes, the Italian “breathable and holey shoes”, also nominated in 2012 for a European Inventor Award in the Lifetime Achievement category.

For everyone else, just click to find out!

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Gender equality is very important for the development of any nation. Women are entitled to equal rights as that of men. Women must be provided with their due rights