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Lineup for 2017 EPO awards

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The fifteen contenders for a 2017 European patent award, three in each of the five categories of Industry, Research, Non-EPO countries, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Life-time Achievement, are presented in the short EPO video. Hyperlinks to the contenders and the patented inventions are also included below.

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Non EPO countries
  • James G. Fujimoto, Eric A. Swanson and Robert Huber (USA, Germany) - EP0883793 (B1) ― 2007-11-14 - Method and apparatus for performing optical measurements using a fiber optic imaging guidewire, catheter or endoscope
  • Waleed Hassanein (USA) - EP1768490 (A2) ― 2007-04-04 - Systems and methods for ex-vivo organ care 
  • Adnane Remmal (Morocco) - EP1879655 (B1) ― 2014-11-26 - Pharmaceutical composition comprising an anti-bacterial agent and an active ingredient selected from carveol, carvacrol, alpha-ionone, beta-ionone, and thymol.  

Small & Medium enterprises
  • Gert-Jan Gruter (The Netherlands)- EP2001859 (B1) ― 2010-05-19 - Use of organic acid esters of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural as a fuel or fuel additive
  • Günter Hufschmid (Germany) - EP2392630 (B1) ― 2015-12-02 - Spray products from polymers (hydrocarbons) in the form of a fibrously matted polymer wool, production as well as their use as an oil binding agent and chemical binding agent, as adsorption products for oils, oil rubbish and other hydrophobic liquids to the cleaning of water, rivers, lakes and seas, sand or earth 
  • Steve Lindsey (United Kingdom) - EP0933500 (B1) ― 2003-08-27 - Rotary piston machine.  

Life-time achievement
  • Elmar Mock (Switzerland) - EP0101663 (B1) ― 1986-10-08 - Method of producing a watch and watch obtained by this method
  • Rino Rappuoli (Italy) - EP0322533 (A1) ― 1989-07-05 - Bordetella pertussis toxin with altered toxicity  
  • Axel Ullrich (Germany) -  EP0121338 (A1) ― 1984-10-10 - Biosynthetically produced human nerve growth factor, process for producing it, compositions containing it, DNA sequence encoding it, vectors containing the sequence and host cells transformed thereby.

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