Saturday, May 20, 2017

Oh, patents! The BeauEr 3x caravan

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Going on a vacation? How about camping in style with a BeauEr caravan, recipient of the 2017 Concours Lépine Grand Prize!

This stylish caravan telescopes, and triples its size in just 20 seconds, with no installation, using patented hydraulics. Once unfolded, the 15 feet wide, and customizable 130 ft2 living area, contains a small kitchen (with a fridge, a sink and 2 burners, a microwave, and lots of storage), a seating area with a large extendable table, a separate sleeping alcove and toilets. Folded back into its compact form, without taking anything apart, the caravan is just 6 feet wide, so that it can easily be hauled around.

European patent EP2330255 discloses this invention, titled in English: Extensible, transportable habitable cell. The English patent Abstract is included below, with 3 patent drawings showing three phases of the telescoping abode for the road 
The cell has a wall including a vertical bottom panel (18) formed of a single plate, and mounted movably relative to a floor panel (17). The bottom panel forms a floor of a habitable module (2) when the module is fully extended with respect to another habitable module (1). A mounting unit mounts the bottom panel by an edge (30) with respect to an edge of the floor panel. The mounting unit mounts another edge (31) of the bottom panel of the wall with another vertical bottom panel (23) of another wall. [Abstract EP2330255]
Concours Lépine

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