Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Oh, patents! Folding tongs

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Got a collection of salad serving sets? 

You could try a pair of patented folding tongs, carved from beautiful wild cherry wood at Jonathan's Spoons. This carpentry invention is disclosed in US7665786 titled Folding Tongs.

The tongs possess a pivot axis enabling two positions. The first folded position is for storage of the tongs. This patented position is designed so that the total thickness of the tongs does not exceed the thickness of each arm, while creating a flush surface-to-surface stacking contact. The second patented position is an open position for resilient gripping against the bias force of the two slit arms which can each pivot 360 degrees. 

The Abstract for this invention is included below with one of the patent drawings. An image of the marketed wild cherry wood tongs is also included.
A foldable tongs unit of the type having two pivotally joined legs has a storage position in which the legs lie in flush abutting relation so that the total thickness of the tongs unit in its storage position is the thickness of the two legs. Three transversely spaced fingers on each leg, when unstressed, reside in the plane of the leg and provide both the pivotal connection and the resilient bias against which the tongs are operated. The thickness of each of the joined non-flexing fingers is increased at the proximal end of the unit (i.e., at the hinge), permitting the pivot axis to be located substantially in the plane of abutment between the two legs in the storage position of the unit. In the actuation position, the ends of the foreshortened flexing fingers abut non-flexing fingers of the opposite leg to provide the desired resilient gripping function. [Abstract - US7665786]

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