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Oh, patents! Benoît Systèmes Acti'Tab (3)

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The most recently patented Benoît Systèmes wheelchair accessory is an add-on tray table, marketed as the Acti'Tab. The Acti'Tab invention is recited in the French patent FR3050638 A1, titled Système a tablette pour fauteuil roulant, et fauteuil roulant equipé d'un tel systeme (Tray table system for wheelchairs, and wheelchair equipped with such a system). 

The Benoît Systèmes Acti'Tab tray table resolves prior art issues in wheelchair tray table designs, as it is both height-adjustable and tiltable. The Acti'Tab tray table was designed tiltable to facilitate reading. When it is raised, the Acti'Tab tray table facilitates dining. When it is lowered, it is designed to rest on the user's knees, therefore avoiding cantilevered stress on the hinge, As a result, the Acti'TAb tray table is designed to support far more weight, and the user is thus able to carry heavier objects, using the tray table.

The English version of the tray table patent abstract is included below, together with the patent Figure drawing No. 9, showing a wheelchair equipped with the tray table accessory, in a titled position. The marketed Acti'Tab is shown above, also in a tilted position to facilitate reading. 

The invention relates to a tray table system (1) for a wheelchair (F), comprising a tray table (2) and connecting means for connecting the tray table to the wheelchair (F) such that it can move between a use position and a non-use position, which means comprise: an arm (3); first intermediate connecting means (4) for connecting the tray table (2) to the arm (3) such that it can move between the use position and the non-use position; and second intermediate connecting means (5) for connecting the arm (3) to the wheelchair (F) and, when the tray table (2) is in the use position, for allowing the arm (3) to move down under the effect of gravity, over a travel such that the tray table (2) comes to rest on at least one knee of the person seated in the wheelchair (F).
[Abstract FR3050638]
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