Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mahsa Amini [2000-2022]

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Twenty-two-year old Mahsa Amini, a young Generation Z Kurdish Iranian woman, died on Friday, September 16, 2022 in Iran, at the hands of the Morality Police, after having been allegedly beaten, in the patrol van, after her arrest, on Sept 13, 2022. She was arrested in her brother’s car, because she was improperly wearing her “hijab” (i.e.; her scarf was not fully covering her hair). She was on her way to visit family members. The police claim she died of a heart attack. United Nations (UN) Human Rights experts state:
“She is another victim of Iran’s sustained repression and systematic discrimination against women and the imposition of discriminatory dress codes that deprive women of bodily autonomy and the freedoms of opinion, expression and belief”. [Staff, UN Human Rights]
Her death has enflamed Iran, where women are cutting their hair and burning hijabs in protest, in at least 40 cities. Indeed, her death has sparked outrage worldwide (Engelbrecht & Fassihi, 2021, NYTimes). Since the Islamic Revolution in 1978, Iranian women have been subjected to strict dress codes, including mandatory use of the hijab (head scarf). Since the election, in June 2021, of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, an Islamist hardline jurist, the Morality Police has been given free rein to enforce all the provisions of Islamic law. (Mackintosh, E. , 2022, CNN).

UN Human Rights experts have called for an independent investigation into the circumstances of Mahas’s death, who has become a symbol of the current regime’s brutality towards women. UN Human Rights experts further state:
“We strongly condemn the use of physical violence against women and the denial of fundamental human dignity when enforcing compulsory hijab policies ordained by State authorities.” [Staff, UN Human Rights]
Below, the photo of Mahsa Amini released by her family, upheld by women brandishing their scarves in defiance of Islamic Law in Iran, at the peril of their own lives. [For more images see Staff, Le Monde.]


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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Oh, patents! TIEKS™ gift box (5)

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TIEKS™ are marketed in a TIEKS™ signature-blue gift box, wrapped in an elastic ribbon, with a TIEKS™ crystal-centered flower, in varying colors. Each fabulous little gift box contains a pair of folded ballerina flats with the TIEKS™ blue split soles, the pouch to stow them in your purse, the tote to carry an extra pair of shoes, a thank-you note, and a care card. A gift patented many times over, since the designs of the ballerina flats, the signature-blue split soles, the pouch, the tote, and the gift box, are all parented.

Indeed, the design of the signature-blue TIEKS™ gift box was awarded the US design patent, USD680007, titled Box with ribbon. The patent was awarded on April 16, 2013, to Kfir Gavrielli and Dikla Gavireli, both founders of TiEKS by Gavrieli.

Below, the Figure 1, extracted from the patent, together with an image of a marketed TIEKS™ signature-blue gift box. The patent Figure 1 depicts a front perspective of the invention gift box with a ribbon. Notice that the patent figure flower is drawn using broken lines. The broken lines indicate the flower is not covered by the gift box design patent. The image of the marketed TIEKS™ signature-blue gift box shows a sapphire blue elastic ribbon with a sapphire blue-crystal-studded holiday flower.

Shana tova - שנה טובה

TIEKS™ by Gavrieli (website)

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Oh, patents! TIEKS™ tote (4)

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The TIEKS™ blue tote, included in the sale of a pair of TIEKS™ ballerina flats, is also patented. This is the tote intended to carry the extra pair of shoes you are wearing, before you slip into a pair of TIEKS™. For example, the pair of high-heel pumps that you might bring to wear at work, after you slip out of your TIEKS™ ballerina flats, used to navigate urban pavements.  

The US design patent, USD672550, titled Tote bag, covers the ornamental properties of the TIEKS™ blue tote. The patent was awarded on Dec. 18, 2022, to Kfir Gavrielli and Dikla Gavirelli, the inventors, and co-founders of TIEKS™ by Gavrieli. 

Below, the patent Figure 1 depicts a front perspective view of the TIEKS tote bag. The broken lines, outlining the shoes shown inside the tote, together with the stitching, and inside pocket, indicate ornamental aspects of the invention design that are unprotected. An image of the marketed blue TIEKS tote is also included. 

TIEKS™ (website)

Friday, September 9, 2022

Oh, patents! TIEKS™ pouch (3)

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The TIEKS™ pouch, marketed with the TIEKS™ ballerina flats, and intended to carry a pair of folded TIEKS™ in a purse, is a patented design. The US design patent, USD672552, titled Pouch, covers the ornamental aspects of this invention. The patent was awarded on Dec. 18, 2012 to Kfir Gavrieli and Dilka Gavrieli, co-founders of TIEKS™ by Gavrieli.

The patent Figure 6 is included below, depicting a top view of the pouch design. The broken lines that show the stitching, parts of the pouch, and the ends of the drawstring are excluded from coverage of the design. An image of a folded pair of snake print TIEKS™ ballerina flats, with trademark blue soles, shown inside a TIEKS™ pouch, is also included.

TIEKS™ (website)

Monday, September 5, 2022

Oh, patents! TIEKS™ blue outsole patches (2)

Copyright © Françoise Herrmann

TIEKS'™ signature blue outsole toe patches are patented. The US design patent, USD664755S, titled Toe outsole patches was awarded, on August 7, 2012, to Kfir and Dikla Gavrieli, the inventors and sibling co-founders of TIEKS by Gavrieli. The Robin’s egg blue toe patch is part of the split-sole of the re-invented ballet flats, that fold into a small pouch, while providing the perfect combination of flexibility and cushioning.

The patent coversheet drawing is included below, together with a bottom view image of a TIEKS™ ballerina flat. The selected drawing depicts a bottom view of the toe patch, together with one of the side views. The patent further specifies that the stippling, shown at the tip and upper right corner of the toe patch, depicts surface treatment, occurring on the whole surface of the outsole patch.

A US design patent only covers the ornamental aspects of an invention, or how the invention looks. Thus, the TIEKS™ toe outsole US design patent does not cover any of the comfort or resiliency properties of the invention patches, which are covered in utility patents, together with manufacturing processes.

The TIEKS™ Youtube video shows TIEKS'™ Big comfort, Big performance.


TIEKS™ (website)

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Oh, patents! TIEKS™ (1)

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Wear’m, fold’m, and stow’m in your purse, TIEKS™ ballerina flats are not only versatile little shoes, they are engineered for comfort. In fact, they are the shoes that Oprah would wear, if she walked to work (Desmarais, 2022). With a patented split sole, the color of Robin’s egg blue, reminiscent of Tiffany’s trademark blue, these ballet flats are indeed jewels on your feet, on more counts than one.

The split sole enables each ballet flat to fold (see image below), so that a pair might fit into a small pouch, easily stowed in a purse. As a result, each pair of  TIEKS™  comes with a small pouch, and a larger tote designed to accommodate (and carry) the other pair of shoes you use, after or before you switch, to or from your  TIEKS™ . In other words, no more switching to bulky sports shoes to hit the asphalt after work, 9 to 5 in the financial district.  TIEKS™ could even fit in your pocket, for every time you needed to switch, and bounce into the comfort of these little ballet flats.

 TIEKS™  are quite extensively patented shoes. The following US design patents cover just the ornamental aspects of the split sole ballet shoe, comprising two blue outsole patches, on every pair of some 60 different models.

As a reminder, a US design patent covers the way an invention looks, in contrast to the ways an invention works, or is manufactured. The way an invention works, or is manufactured, is covered in US utility patents. For  TIEKS™, this would be the way the invention is engineered for comfort, in contrast to the design patents listed above, that cover just their design, or the way they look.  

Below, the cover sheet drawing extracted from the US design patent USD668847S depicts top and bottom views of the patented ornamental design of the TIEKS™ split sole shoe.


The short  TIEKS™ Youtube video below depicts  TIEKS™ styles, in some of the 60 different color-material combinations available.


TIEKS™ (website)

Desmarais, C. (Aug. 16, 2022). The shoes that Oprah would wear to work (if she had to walk).

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Interlude – Cecilia Vicuña (2)

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Cecilia Vicuña is also a (translated) poet. A selection of her collections is included in the below Reference section. 

Initially printed as regular 9x6 formatted books, Vicuña's subsequent poetry hybridized art and print.  Thread and word (see image), where pages are folded, tied together with thread, and untied for consultation. Or, where pages are perforated, and held together with threads. 

Vicuña's thread  poetry expresses her almost archeological connection to quipus, the ancient Andean system of knots (quipu in Quechua), used for record-keeping (of payment, inventories, criminal trials, census data, calendars, routes, and rituals). A coherent, pre-Columbian recording-keeping system, until quipus were destroyed, in the 14th century, and quipu masters became persecuted. For Vicuña, however, the ancient knots, with loose end threads, beckon completion, which she has explored, and expertly appropriated in her art and poetry.

Above, the image of a page, translated to English, from Palabra e hiloWord and thread. Below, the image of a poem that reads los hilos / se hacen palabras ("threads / becoming words"). Part print, part loose end thread, the poem reconnects with, and delicately recreates ancient quipus, which also spoke stories, albeit utilitarian, record-keeping, stories. 


Cecilia Vicuña (poetry)

Selected works of poetry
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