Thursday, February 21, 2013 - Ideas worth spreading

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“Riveting talks by amazing people, free to the world! “Great talks to stir your curiosity (inspiring, jaw-dropping, funny!)”

 is a non-profit dedicated to the diffusion of “ideas worth spreading” at the intersection of Technology, Entertainment and Design (since 1984). Some of the most interesting and active people in the world are invited to give talks in 18 minutes or less at two annual conferences: a springtime conference on the West coast of the US, and a summertime international conference, held at various locations. This year’s global TED conference, for example, will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland (in the UK). The talks are then made publicly available on-line at (since 2007). And many additional events and groups, such as TED Open University, TED Salons, TEDIndia, TEDWomen, TED Fellows, and TEDPrize, have arisen out the company’s original desire to diffuse “Ideas worth spreading” – all of which now attract an audience of people in the billions.
This is also a site that crowd-sources translations for subtitles, using time-coded and interactive transcripts! If the spirit moves you, this is a place to hone your multilingual subtitling skills!  FH
Here is Dr. Bonnie Bassler on “Bacteria babble”:

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