Saturday, February 16, 2013

Velcro US2717437 (3)

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G. de Mestral
Velvet fabric and method of producing same
 Filed Oct 15, 1952
Granted Sept. 13 1955
Assignor to Velcro, S.A. A corporation in Fribourg, Switzerland
“My novel fabric distinguishes from the other similar fabrics by the fact that the raised pile is made of artificial material, while at least part of the threads in said pile is provided near its end with material-engaging mean, as required for adhering to a similar fabric or for scouring purposes.
“Each small bar is provided with a longitudinal groove in which is guided a knife adapted to cut the loop open and to form thus the raise pile threads. However, with a view of obtaining the hook 4, I heat the bar before the cutting of the loops 6, so that the thread extending over the bar may assume and retain the shape imparted to it by the latter.”
Source: US US2717437

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