Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wow patents! - Crocs!

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Do you wear CrocsTM?   
Or should I ask: do you ever take 'em off?
CrocsTM are made of a proprietary closed-cell foam resin called CrosliteTM. This makes CrocsTM lightweight, ergonomic and odor-resistant. CrocsTM has sold 200 million pairs of CrocsTM in 90 countries since 2002. The company celebrated 1 billion USD in annual sales in 2011. CrocsTM was awarded utility patent US 6993858 on 02 -07 2006 for an invention called:Breathable footware pieces . The patent covers all parts of the clog including the ventilator openings, the contoured base section, the CrocTM rivets, the foldable strap on Classic CrocsTM, and the injection molding manufacturing process.   

Breathable footware pieces: “Among other things, the present invention provides various footwear pieces, and methods for manufacturing such pieces. In various cases, the footwear pieces are molded from a lofted material. Further, in various cases, the footwear pieces include liquid conductors formed around ventilators, or openings in the upper of the footwear piece. Such liquid conductors operate to disperse liquids away from a foot inserted in the footwear piece.” US6993858 


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