Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh, Patents! - Cosmetics - Mascara Brush [WO2009153761]

Copyright © FrançoiseHerrmannDoes your mascara brush accumulate an excess glob of mascara at the tip? Does your mascara spread too thin on your eyelashes? Is it difficult to apply the mascara evenly, even with a large brush? No sweat, there is a patent for your mascara brush that will resolve all of these problems with the prior art of mascara brushes! L’Oréal has done the lab work on cylinder and stem diameters, on a wiper lip at the entrance of the reservoir for the mascara, and on piston effects, to bring you this new invention for state of the art mascara application.
Here is the abstract of this invention titled MASCARA BRUSH, and one of the invention drawings:
The present disclosure concerns a reservoir and application device comprising: an applicator (3) having a stem (5) and a brush (8) at the end of this stem, the brush (8) presenting a largest transversal dimension (L) between 9 and 14 mm, the brush being at least 30 % wider than it is thick in cross section, a reservoir (2) containing the product (P) to be applied, having a wiper member (20) defining a wiper orifice (22) traversed by the brush when it is removed from the reservoir, the diameter (d) of the wiper orifice being between 2.5 and 5.5 mm.[WO2009153761]
Please notice all the -ing verb forms too!...

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