Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh, Patents! - Cosmetics - Razors

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Gentlemen! It’s your turn now. There’s more than one patent in your razors with a generous portion of mechanical engineering! You probably have all used safety razors where the head of the razor now pivots relative to the handle, in view of espousing the contours of your skin with every shaving stroke, and preventing cuts. You have also probably used electric razors where the motor is usually placed in the handle of the razor with some form of transmission to the blade area, providing you with an effortless shave! Gillette trailblazes forward to bring you a rotary motor inside the pivoting head of the razor that further bypasses the costly complexities of discarded blades, coupled to gear components transmitting the forces of the motor. 
The marketed result is the Proglide® Fusion® Power razor, a state of the art razor with a battery operated motor engineered inside the pivoting safety head of the razor, a discardable blade-only cartridge, and a dispensing lubrastrip to hydrate with every stroke!

And, of course, the best part is your shaved skin… as soft as baby's skin…!
A safety razor has a handle (1) and a head structure (5) mounted for pivotable movement relative to the handle during shaving. The head structure (5) includes a motor (18) housed in a sealed chamber (9) for driving a device in use of the razor, such as to reciprocate a guard component or a blade, to vibrate the head structure, to actuate a dispensing device for delivering a shaving enhancement fluid, or to oscillate a support platform (101) on which a blade unit (110) is mounted. The shaving cartridge can include a guard component (38) with projections (39) which are moved towards and away from the skin being shaved when the guard component is reciprocated by the motor (18). [WO2006043027]

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