Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh Patents! - Geox Amphibiox! (1)

Copyright © Françoise Herrmann

Got smelly feet? No sweat! Geox has patented shoes with sole and upper that “breathe” and by the same token “defy the notion of holes in your shoes”! Geox’s patented technology incorporates a perforated outsole that lets the steam generated by sweaty feet out of your shoes, while remaining waterproof. The inside membrane, also attached to the upper shoe, is wick-away with micropores larger than vapor molecules to let the steam out, but also small enough to prevent water droplets from coming in. This ingenious shoe is then capable of regulating the microclimate inside your shoes! Here is a picture of the cutest Geox  pump with an amphibiox sole!

This patent titled: METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A WATERPROOF AND VAPOR-PERMEABLE SHOE AND SHOE OBTAINED WITH THE METHOD was awarded to Linda Muller, a Swiss inventor, and then assigned to Geox SpA, an Italian company, which manufactures both shoes and clothing with the breathing "Amphibiox" technology.

And for all those patent-savvy pros of the  NYU Patents Translation course, who can now crack the alphabet soup patent codes. This patent was originally awarded in Switzerland as CH00538.07, then filed and awarded under the PCT as WO2008119683 and the EPC as EP2131691, and with the USPTO as US2010/0115792.J

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