Friday, April 12, 2013

Oh, patents! Lay-n-go®!

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altGot kids? Got a living-room scattered with Lego pieces, toy cars, Barbie shoes, and puzzle pieces? This is no longer going to be a problem with theFAZACKERLEY husband and wife team, and their invention: the Lay-n-go®! Adam & Amy Fazackerley are parents of three young boys and they came up with a mat on which children can play, and which then cinches into a bag, so that all the play pieces are corralled into it!

The Lay-n-go® comes in a 60 inch living room size, and a smaller 18 inch Lay-n-go® restaurant or plane table size, in bold colors.  More recently, a new cosmetics Lay-n-go® was launched, made of a more luxurious gold and silver quilted fabric.

Here are patent figures of the open and cinched Lay-n-go®, and the patent abstract, with the WIPO title: CONTAINMENT MAT THAT CONVERTS TO LUGGAGE WITH SECURE SEAL!
[WO2012067644] Abstract
A convertible luggage device that opens to form a mat or work surface that has a raised lipor edge structure that contains items on the mat or work surface. The convertible luggage device closes from the mat configuration to create a sealed bag or sealed flexible container for holding the items inside, where the seal is formed by the lip or edge structure. In some embodiments, the convertible luggage device may include a cinch cord that can be used to change from the open mat configuration into the closed bag configuration. In such embodiments, the cinch cord may include a cord lock that may be adjustably deployed to clamp the cinch cord in a position that maintains the convertible luggage device in aclosed bag configuration.
alt             alt

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