Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh, Patents! TOMS boots!

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Your favorite shoes, and One-for-One, might be TOMS’ shoes. TOMS’shoes are actually Blake Mycoskie’s shoes… as TOMS stands for Tomorrow’s shoes! As for “One-for-One” this is Mycoskie’s new business model designed to fix capitalism, by incorporating philanthropy into a sustainable for-profit business. That is, for every pair of shoes sold by TOMS Shoes Inc.,, there is one pair of shoes donated to children in need of shoes. Blake Mycoskie is Founder, and Chief Shoe Giver, of TOMS Shoes Inc. He has given more than 2 million pairs of shoes to children worldwide.
Why shoes? It turns out that shoes protect your feet from cuts, puncture wounds, abrasions and frostbite, infections and various parasite diseases such as hookworm that can enter through open foot wounds or simply burrow inside the body through barefoot skin. Thus, keeping children healthy implies supplying them with shoes to wear. Additionally, many schools require that children wear shoes at school, which prevents poorer children from attending. Finally, it also turns out that wearing shoes boosts confidence! If you need hard data to believe this, then just login to see the childrens’ faces once they have received their new shoes!....[TOMS donation campaign videos: at]
For changing the lives of children in more than 50 countries, and the One-to-one business model, Blake Mycoskie has received the Secretary of State Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE). He was featured in the People Magazine“Heroes among us”, and was recognized in the Fortune Magazine“40 under 40” list as one of the top young businessmen in the world. Finally, Mycoskie also published a book in 2011, titled Start something that matters that was a NYTimes best seller!
And that’s not quite the end of the story… TOMS has now started a “One-for-One”eyeglass business, where for every pair of TOMS glasses sold there is a pair of eyeglasses donated to people in need of glasses, whose sight can be restored.
In 2009, patent US2009183394 was also awarded to Blake Mycoskie, with TOMS Shoes co-applicant, for an invention titled: “Wrap boot for a wearer’s foot”. These are boots that adapt to a person's particular calf anatomy since the upper part wraps around and fastens at the top.
Here is a drawing of the patented wrap boot and a picture of these boots that you can buy in a store or online, as an option to the classic TOMS shoes, in exchange of which, children in need will also receive a pair, for free, one-for-one!
                alt     US2009183394                    www.toms.comalt

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