Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh, patents! Zipbuds®!

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The problematic situation is tangled earbuds…. you know the tangled cables.. just before you start your work-out, or just before you want to tune into your selection of Itunes.
This patent is awarded to a team of young entrepreneurs: GROSET ERIK [US], LIU JUSTIN [US], KLASCOMICHAEL [US], DEFAY ROBIN [US],who have solved the issue of tangled earbuds with zippers! The resulting product is a very cool and colorful zipbud®… and an untangled mess…! The perfect solution to a real problematic situation of the year 2013.
Here is figure 1 of patent US2011162883, as well as paragraph 2 of the description, reciting the embodiments of the invention and its purpose -- in perfectly enunciated patentese…!
US2011162883TitleCable organization assemblies
[0002] The embodiments herein relate to assemblies that are configured to prevent cables from becoming entangled with each other. More specific embodiments relate to two or more cables that are configured to be releasably coupled to one another. Embodiments herein can be used to prevent entanglement of audio wires, such as headphone wires and stereo speaker wires, in addition to other suitable cables.

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