Thursday, March 19, 2015

SXSW™ (South by SouthWest™) 2015

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SXSW™ (a film, music and tech event) is now in Austin, TX.

 In 2015, there are 145 films scheduled for screening at SXSW film, March 13 to 21! 

And if SXSW™ music 2015 tops SXSW™ music 2014, there will be upwards of 28,000 music professionals attending the event, with more than 2300 performances in more than 100 venues, scattered around the Austin bars, clubs, parks, churches and elsewhere, hailing from more than 57 countries for 6 days of festival fun, March 17 to 22! 

Add to SXSW ™film and SXSW™ music, SXSW™ Interactive March 13-17, and you also had 5 days of cutting edge creativity, innovation, and inspiration, across new interactive media technologies.   

The SXSW™ Interactive Conference includes a five-day program of keynotes, panels and presentations, awards and showcasing of some of the most far out talent and inventions.   Among the awards, modeled  Wimbledon-style with rounds, finalists and alternatives: the SXSW™ Interactive Awards, the SXSW™ Dewey Winburne Community Service Awards (for do-gooders with tech), the SXSW™ Venture Accelerator Awards (to help uncover amazing new start-ups), the SXSW™ Gaming Awards and the Released at SXSW™  Awards.

Twenty-eight years after its inception in 1987, SXSW™ has become the single most economically profitable event in Austin, fetching 218 million USD in 2013.  And SWSX™ has also spread to other cities, inspiring other “four letter” venues at the intersection of technology and art (e.g. XOXO in Portland, OR; South by Due East in Houston, TX.; YXYY (yes and yes, yes) in Palm Springs, CA,  plus others.  [Wikipedia]

 This year, on March 13, among an audience of innovators at SXSW™, a special swearing-in ceremony was even held for Michelle K. Lee, the new Director of the USPTO and Under-Secretary of Commerce and Intellectual Property, since Jan 2013!
 More about some of the 2015 line-up at SXSW™ coming!

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