Wednesday, May 13, 2015

More glass magic … Philip Glass’ Glassworks

1665 Letters Patent signature page
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To the magic of glass...350 years ago...

-The1665 Letters Patent granted by France’s King Louis XIV for the manufacture of mirror glass, in a move to exclude competing Venitian glass makers from supplying Royal and Parisian customers.

And today...
- Dynamically tinted glass, and the Saint-Gobin patent EP0831360, titled Electrochemical device, contending for the 2015 EPO Inventor Awards, and arising in a long tradition of glass making, connected to the patented Saint–Gobain 17th century workshop that produced mirror glass for King Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles.... 

Add Philip Glass.....and listen carefully to the sounds of Glassworks (below):

Philip Glass

Saint-Gobain 350 – From 1665 to 2015 – The Exhibition

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