Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh, patents! Perugia's sandals

Copyright © Françoise Herrmann

Perugia filed many design patents for sandals (e.g.; USD91728, USD92201, USD92020, USD95776, USD 103594) and mules (e.g.; USD92204, USD 96127, USD 96128).  Perugia also filed utility patents for sandals, improvements to sandals and sandal strap inventions.  

In FR1169315, for example, titled Perfectionnements apportées aux chaussures feminines dites nus-pieds, Perugia’s improvement invention for sandals consisted in a small bumper, placed at the tip of the shoe, to prevent the foot from slipping past the end of the sole, while avoiding to cover the foot with much more shoe material. 

The included patent Figure, extracted from FR1169315,  shows the small bumper positioned at the tip of the sandal, against which the big toe is resting. This sandal improvement utility patent was awarded on September 8, 1958.  

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