Friday, June 23, 2017

Oh, patents! Arbor Informaticus

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The eTree animation video included below shows the urban versatility of the eTree. 

Biomimetic (i.e.; inspired by nature), the eTree, in particular, resembles the acacia tree found in the African Savanna, Australian Bush or the Israeli desert.

The first eTree was unveiled in Paris, during the COP21 Climate Conference, in December 2015. The first European solar eTree prototype was planted in the town of Nevers, France, in May 2017. Other eTrees are planted around the world: in Bethlehem, Ramat Hanadiv and Tel Aviv, Israel,  and in the US, in California and North Carolina. [

Because of its versatility, the eTree is far more than just a clean energy-generating solar tree. It is an experience designed to raise consciousness about sustainability and renewable energies within the community.    

 Indeed, meet arbor informaticus!

Sol-Logic - The solar tree project
SolarGiving - The eTree
Gutierez, N. (May 31, 2017) Europe's first solar eTree in France converts sunlight to electricity and more, The Science Times
À Nevers le premier eTree d'Europe aux feuilles photovoltaîques, (29 mai 2017) Libération

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