Monday, July 10, 2017

EPO Inventor Awards - The 2017 Trophy

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On May 11, 2017, the post at Patents on the soles of your shoes covered Murano glass and its intimate connection to the origins of patents, some 600 years ago, in the Republic Venice. This was hardly coincidental, considering that the European Inventors’ Award ceremony would be taking place the following month in Venice, Italy, and that the finalists had just been announced.

The post ended with an educated guess regarding the 2017 trophies that would be awarded to the 6 inventors (or teams of inventors). 

The design of the  EPO Inventor Award trophy represents a sail (with and without a pun), It was created by Miriam Irle, a German industrial designer. However, what also makes the design so striking and uncommon is that each year the sail trophies are crafted from a different material or process, of significance to the country hosting the awards ceremony. For example, last year, in Lisbon, Portugal, Miriam Irle selected the famous Portuguese azulejo ceramic tile for casting and production of the trophy. (Herrmann, June 10, 2016). Likewise in 2015, in Paris, France, the trophy was cast in bronze, using a 3D printing process. (Herrmann, June 13, 2015)

So, my guess for the European Inventor's Award trophy, this year in Venice, was the following:
In regards the 2017 EPO Inventor Awards…my conjecture is that the 2017 trophy will be made of Murano glass. […] Of course, I might be zapped… and completely wrong. [Herrmann, May 11, 2017]
The good news is that there was no blood shed for the guesswork…Indeed, according to the following, recently released EPO video, the 2017 European Inventor Award trophies were made of Murano glass, as predicted, on the Island of Murano, just a few nautical miles from the ancient city Venice.

Herrmann F. (May 11, 2017) Oh, patents! Murano glass
Miriam Irle

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