Friday, June 10, 2016

EPO Inventor Awards - The 2016 Trophy

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The winners of a European Inventor Award each receive a trophy designed as a sail by Miriam Irle, a German industrial designer. The European Inventor Award sail trophy was thus selected to symbolize the winds of change and the spirit of innovation. And each year, as part of the spirit of discovery, the sail trophy is cast in a different material, or crafted with a different process, that is locally significant, in the particular country hosting the awards ceremony.

Since the 2016 European Inventors Awards were hosted in Lisbon Portugal on June 9, 2016, Miriam Irle chose this year to craft the European Inventor award trophy out of Portuguese azulejo ceramic tile. 

Portuguese azulejo tiles historically adorn walls, ceilings, and floors, still bearing witness, telling stories, artistically drawn and baked into the ceramic, while also performing an ancient air-conditioning function. 

The local Portuguese azulejo artist, Catia Sofia Melo, who was commissioned to produce and paint the 2016 ceramic tile sail, created six different designs, one for each of the five award categories, and the popular award.

Below a video about the 2016 European Inventor award trophy and it’s fabrication.

European Inventor Award 2016 : The Trophy
Herrmann, F. (Feb. 22, 2015) Tonight the OSCARS! In June the EPO Inventor Awards!
Miriam Irle

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