Friday, January 25, 2013

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Anyone read the February 2013 issue of Wired Magazine? Google, Inc. CEO, Larry Page was interviewed for this issue.  Embedded in this interview there are 7 small sidebar articles presenting 7 projects dubbed: "7 massive ideas that could change the world", and perhaps, one may suspect as powered by Google Inc's "moonshot" mentality.
For our own purposes, perhaps that a paraphrase, depending on your bent, could run: "7 eminently (or opportunistically) patentable ideas". In any event, consider idea Number 4 (my favorite): Turn deserts into power plants, that is transforming places such as the Sahara into near-infinite sources of clean energy!  Here are the numbers: "In six daylight hours, the Earth's deserts soak up more energy than humanity uses in a year".... Now, imagine hooking up southern California deserts to PGE with solar and wind Desertec.... Would it be a new idea, demonstrating inventive steps?
There are 6 more of these really cool, and seriously existing ideas... (under consideration by Consortiums of concentrated grey and political mattter). What is your favorite?
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