Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh, patents! Cat hammock!

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Ok, cat lovers, this patent pending cat hammock is for you! This hammock attaches under a chair to the four legs, and droops just perfectly under the cat’s weight. No more mismatched cat furniture in your living room. This little hammock blends incaltompletely inconspicuously.

The inventor, Greg Hora, was inspired by his own cat, Vladimir, who crawled into the underside upholstery of a chair! The trick and one of the important aspects of the cat hammock that ensued was to find a way to attach the hammock, on the four legs of a chair, without it slipping under the weight of a cat up to 20 lbs!

And thus, the UNDERCHAIR PET REST patent application was filed April 18, 2012, for a unique type of cat hammock since it requires no frame, and can be attached to any four legs, of any chair, or small table. It further presents great advantages for small apartments where prior art cat hammocks attached to special frames took up a lot of floor space, or required special pegs attached to table legs for secure attachment.

The UNDERCHAIR PET REST is already marketed as the Cat Crib™. It comes in three different colors, cleans in the washing machine, and is guaranteed to make your cat happy!

altUS 20120291198 A1
A sheet disposed in a chair underside and attachable to the legs of the chair is disclosed. The sheet is configured for forming a downward droop from the weight of a pet and is designed to provide a comfortable resting place for a household cat and other pets as well as provide storage for various household items. The sheet may be attached to the chair by straps connected to and protruding from the perimeter of the sheet. Stiffening bars may be used to reinforce the sides of the sheet. Flaps attached to the sheet perimeter and attachable to the seat may be used to provide a dark and concealed environment for the pet to rest.


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