Thursday, December 26, 2013

Shoes: chocolate for your feet – By Cathy Guisewite

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Do you read the Sunday paper comic strips? If yes, then for sure that you have read Cathy®, a syndicated comic strip by Cathy Guisewite. During its heyday, the strip ran in more than 1400 papers, and it ran a total of 34 years, until 2010, when the author retired. Cathy® is all about coping, from a female perspective! One collection of her strips entitled: The four guilt groups covers Cathy’s four main coping domains: Food, Work, Love and Mom!

But for all shoe patent lovers, the one Cathy® comic strip collection that matters is called:  Shoes: chocolate for your feet! In it you will find a few gems about shopping, and in particular.. for shoes .. For example, here is what Cathy says after caving in to several pairs of shoes, one for each of several occasions: “Some people work to support their children, I work to support my feet”…. The cost of shoes is hardly a deterrent for buying yet another pair of shoes because “Shoes are chocolate for your feet!” And if you have to meet your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend then consider Cathy’s advice after buying a $200 pair of shoes: “Men look at the competition in the eye. Women look at the competition in the foot”!... Undecided about what to buy? Consider the advice that Cathy’s Mom provides when she suggests that Cathy buy it all, and return the rejects, and how Cathy sums it all up: “Born to shop. Bred to return.”…
What’s more contagious than the flu? “Black boot disease” according to Cathy’s co-worker, who just bought a fabulous pair of black boots for $300..., the looks and feel of which immediately sent Cathy out the door to do likewise…!
So, for a break that tastes sweet, and warms your heart – without the calories..  Try: Shoes: Chocolate for feet! You will smile and love the guiltless pleasure.


Guisewite, C. (2000) Shoes: Chocolate for the feet. A Cathy® Collection by Cathy Guisewite. Kansas City, Missouri: Andrews McMeel Publishing. 

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