Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh, patents! Carmat connections

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One of the patents related to the CARMAT heart, WO2012127145, concerns a Prosthesis for connecting an anatomical duct. This is a connection device intended to connect two parts of an anatomical duct such as for example two parts of a single blood vessel, or an organ and another prosthesis such as the CARMAT heart.  This connection device is designed to speed up connection time during surgery as it provides mechanical means, a gasket, sealing joints and a locking mechanism, to ensure a connection, which otherwise would have to be sutured.  Thus, the mechanical connection device comes in two perfectly cooperating parts, which facilitates difficult access, and suturing to the two parts of a single anatomical duct, or between an organ and an artificial heart.

Below appears the abstract of WO2012127145 and two patent figures: to the left, the two unconnected parts of the prosthesis and the right the two parts connected.

Abstract WO2012127145

According to the invention, the tubular prosthesis (1) for connecting an anatomical duct (C) comprises at least two individual tubular elements (2) and a sealed mechanical means (4) for connecting said separate elements to each other.

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