Monday, March 24, 2014

Oh, patents! Sunscreen

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Sunny days ahead…. sunscreen a must!

A search for patents using the single search word “sunscreen” returned a whopping 4922 patents, a number commensurate with all the warnings about the damaging effects of UV rays on skin and hair.

 US8652449 titled Sunscreen compositions having synergistic combination of UV filters is a l’Oréal patented sunscreen. The invention consists in reducing the overall amount of UV filters while retaining high UV filtering capacity. This is achieved in the discovery of a combination of UV filters that function synergistically to filter UV rays.  And, the main advantages of having several different UV filtering agents that work synergistically is that it enables to reduce the overall amount of UV filtering agents, which are usually sticky and thick, while still maintaining a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF). So L’Oréal’s new and advanced sunscreens are both lighter and more effective (with a higher SFP).  

Below you will find the abstract for US8652449 titled Sunscreen compositions having synergistic combination of UV filters  and an image of L’OREAL’s advanced sunscreen.

Abstract US8652449: The disclosure relates to sunscreen compositions having a synergistic combination of ultraviolet light (UV) filtering agents that provide a high sun protection factor (SPF). Compositions according to the disclosure have high SPF values without requiring high overall amounts of UV filtering agents. Furthermore, the disclosure relates to methods of using the described compositions for protecting keratinous substances such as skin and hair from UV radiation.

Now, enjoy the warmth of the sun and stay protected!

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