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Blogs - Saint Gobain’s Cities and Buildings of Tomorrow

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World leader in the domain of building materials and in particular high performance materials serving comfort (i.e.; acoustic, visual, thermal and air quality) and energy efficiency (i.e.; green, clean and renewable), the Saint Gobain Group has filed more than 300 patents just for its glass building materials, one of which is competing for the 2015 EPO Inventor Awards in the industrial category. 

Dutch Windwheel
Oxygen Eco-Tower
If you are interested in seeing some of the most spectacular and future-oriented cities and buildings of the world, login to one of the Saint-Gobain blogs called Cities and Buildings of Tomorrow…! You will discover plans for skyscrapers which cast no shadows, for they are built in pairs, each so that the sunlight reflected by one building fills the shadow of the other building! You will also find out about Dubai’s plans, to build a museum of the future in the Persian Gulf area, using 3D construction methods (see 3D construction patents here). You might see images of the Oxygen Eco-Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia, a 75-storey apartment building that stacks tropical gardens and dwellings at each level, or you might also see the Dutch WindWheel, which is both a wind turbine and a circular apartment building! 

Cities and Building of Tomorrow showcases the stuff of architect and engineering dreams….. already erected or at the planning stage – each subsuming the use of state of the art, highly patented building materials, many of which were invented by the Saint-Gobain Group. 

Versailles Palace - Hall of Mirrors
And just FYI, Saint-Gobain, was the secret location of France's King Louis XIV's mirror glass workshop, which manufactured the Versailles Palace Hall of Mirrors -- 350 years ago! The location, north of Paris in the Picardie region, was selected in part because of its proximity to the River Oise and the possibility of transporting the large sheets of mirror glass to Paris via waterway. 

King Louis XIV granted letters patent, in 1665, for the exclusive Royal Manufacture of glass, a move designed to stave off competition from the Venetian glassmakers. "

Oh, patents! 3D printing construction
Saint-Gobain Cities and Buildings of tomorrow (blog)

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