Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Oh, patents! Canopy chair

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Sunny days ahead! Sun protection ahoy!
Swimways® Kelsyus markets a very patented foldable canopy chair. The canopy doubles as a carrying case for the folded chair, and it can be locked into various positions for maximum sun protection.

US2014167458 titled Canopy chair recites the latest patentable improvements to this canopy chair whose chair and canopy frames, various means of attaching the canopy to the chair and its pivotability, collapsibility of the chair, sun fabric design and means of attaching it to the frame, are all previously patented and incorporated.

The patented improvements disclosed in US2014167458  titled Canopy Chair include the possibility of extending the canopy and the telescoping frame of the chair allowing for removal of the canopy, as well as the use of the canopy doubling as a carrying case for the foldable chair.

Below the abstract for US2014167458 titled Canopy chair, a figure drawing extracted from the patent and to the left an image of the marketed product.

[Abstract US2014167458]
"An exemplary embodiment providing one or more improvements includes a frame which attaches to outdoor furniture, in particular to a chair, and a canopy. Embodiments can be moved from an overhead position to a behind the chair position. The frames can be moved from a collapsed to a fully extended position. In embodiments the canopy can be positioned to contain the collapsed frame and chair in the carrying position." 

Happy shaded and safe sunny days!

Swimways® Kelysus

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