Saturday, July 2, 2016

Oh, patents! More Alonzo T. Cross patents

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Just three more Alonzo T. Cross patents: an early (1879) handwritten fountain patent filed and granted in Canada (CA10451); a stylographic fountain pen patent filed and granted in Great Britain in 1896, including the 1897 amended specification (GB189614093) ; and a fountain pen filling device filed and granted in the US, at a much later date in 1920 (US1348211).  

Hyperlinks are provided to the original patent documents on file at the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) and the EPO (European Patent Office).  

CA10451 (A) ― 1879-09-12 – improvements on fountain pens /Perfectionnements aux plumes fontaines [Handwritten document]

GB189614093 (A) ― 1896-08-01 - Improvements in Stylographic Fountain Pens.

US1348211 (A) ― 1920-08-03 - Fountain-pen-filling device

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