Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Oh, patents! Elissabide’s espadrille improvements (1)

Copyright © Françoise Herrmann

Elissabide was granted many patented improvements to the espadrille, already considered -- in 1930 -- a comfortable soft-cloth alternative to leather shoes, and a Basque country flagship product.

Improvement to the espadrille, disclosed in the French patent FR725017consists in manufacturing the espadrille upper, as a single piece of cloth, compared to the prior art manufacture  of espadrille uppers in two pieces.

The single-piece upper, stitched together behind the user’s heel, resolves the prior art issues of espadrille stress when two seams brought together the vamp and the heel portions, midfoot. The single heel seam is additionally purported to offer more shape to the heel portion.

Figure drawings extracted from FR725017 are included. A modern espadrille manufactured with a single piece upper is also included.


And, just in case you are wondering… Yes, improvements also count as inventions, as long as they satisfy conditions of patentability! 

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