Monday, May 15, 2017

Oh, patents! Canailles Dream

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This invention is not only a rascal’s* dream, it is the stuff of parents’ dreams traveling with small infants!

Hard to travel lightly with a small infant… the crib, the bassinet, the stroller, the rocker, the tub, the diaper changing station.. plus all the accessories. The difficulty of packing so much gear for one small passenger is the underlying dilemma and problematic situation addressed in two patents: WO2017042507 titled Suitcase with adjustable legs, and US2014311843 titled Multifunctional case.

Imagine now, an all-in-one, multifunctional solution, in compact form, the size of a large wheeled suitcase, and you will find the Canailles Dream invention, an ingenious 6-in-one (crib + bassinet + stroller + rocker + tub + diaper changing station) solution!

6-in-one no kidding, see the video…!

The Canailles Dream Multi product was engineered by Alexis Crignon, father of two, himself facing the quintessential problem of traveling “lightly” with a newborn…..

This invention was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award at the Concours Lépine in May 2017, and has also garnered quite a few more awards on the journey from design and prototyping to production and marketing.

No worries now, you can pick up and go, with baby and gear in style! 

* The term "canaille", in terms of endearment, means "rascal" in French.

Canailles Dream
Concours Lépine 

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This is a truly wonderful and an amazing invention for the parents of little new born babies and toddlers while they are on the move. It really deserves an award.