Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oh, patents! Frank O. Gehry designs

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So you thought that the great American architect Frank O. Gehry only designed fluffy-looking buildings that appear to defy gravity, that transform cities, and whose outside walls, upon closer inspection, appear like twisted metal sculptures. Well...try again…There is much more Frank O. Gehry, who also designs hundreds of everyday objects and artifacts, such as furniture and jewelry – and especially seating!

A search for Frank Gehry patents returns 239 US design patents, in addition to the utility patents for sheet metal bending and rendering proper to the manufacturing processes of the everyday objects and to architecture.

Frank Gehry design patents for furniture include, for example:
USD341264S – Diamond chair (See fig. 2)
USD344191S – Dining chair (See fig. 1)
USD525041S – Chair
USD518657S1 – Chair
USD530936S – Chair for theatres, auditoriums and the like
USD533364S – Chair
USD334488 – Chair
USD422424 – Chair
USD334098 – Chair
USD333738 - Chair
USD341265S - Café chair
USD341263S - Club chair
USD513910S1 - Seat frame
USD663558 – Seat frame
USD530530 - Left twist stool
USD530529 - Right twist stool (See fig. at EOF)
USD528808 - Three sided stool
USD528816 – Sofa
USD529303 - Bench
USD346924 - Seat cushion
USD529303 - Bench
USD357185 - Lamp
USD523166 - Lamp
USD513677 - Coffee table
USD346293 – Coffee table
USD338579 – Café table
USD344856 - Ottoman
USD510251 – Handle
USD509422 – Handle
USD521355 - Handle

You will find enclosed design patent drawings and corresponding marketed products, as an illustration of some the Frank O. Gehry seating, and the breadth of this design palette -- exploring the intersections of form, function and materials, from corrugated cardboard to bended wood and metal, and injection molding!
Take a seat and enjoy!...


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