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Oh, patents! Bubble gum…

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So... there is chewing gum… and bubble gum… And bubble gum is especially sticky if it is to offer bubble forming capacity! The patent US4357355 titled Non-stick bubble gum base composition discloses a composition that is specially designed to both enhance the bubble- forming capacity and reduce the adhesive properties of the gum base.  Prior art apparently offered to remove the substances promoting stickiness such as elastomers, waxes or resins; or alternatively, to add a “slip agent” preventing adhesion, whereas this patent offers to do likewise without substantially changing the gum base formulations!

US4357355  was awarded to the 19th century Warner Lambert Co., in 1982, a company that was subsequently  acquired by Pfizer, and which had previously (circa 1962) acquired The American Chicle Company, manufacturer of Dentyne®, Chiclets® and Trident® gum. [Pfizer History]

Below appears the abstract for US4357355 titled Non-stick bubble gum base composition, where you might be surprised by the list of ingredients of this non-toxic vinyl polymer, which constitutes bubblegum!
And noblesse oblige…the image of a bubblegum bubble is also included!
Abstract US4357355 - A non-adhesive bubble gum base composition includes a high molecular weight vinyl polymer such as polyvinyl acetate or polyvinyl alcohol, together with an emulsifier, in combination with ingredients such as an elastomer, an oleaginous plasticizer, an elastomer solvent, mineral adjuvants, fatty acids, and others. The emulsifier is preferably present in an amount with respect to the non-toxic vinyl polymer ranging from about 5 to 75% by weight. A method for the preparation of the bubble gum base composition is also disclosed which comprises preparing a homogeneous premixture of the non-toxic vinyl polymer and the emulsifier prior to combining non-toxic vinyl polymer with the remainder of the ingredients of the base composition. The base compositions prepared in accordance with the present invention are less sticky, and show improved film forming and bubble blowing capabilities.

Pfizer history

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