Thursday, March 8, 2018

International Woman's Day 2018

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In 2018, Mattel®’s Barbie®, America’s best-selling doll, since 1959, is really trying hard to befriend parents and to win feminist endorsement. Sixty years after Ruth Handler invented Barbie® dolls, realizing that little girls fantasized about being big girls not only mommies, and therefore might also play with fashionably dressed grown-up dolls, in addition to baby dolls, Mattel®’s 150 grown-up Barbie® dolls have also become more inclusive and diversified. On International Woman’s Day, Mattel®'s Barbie® has also become a global inspiration for little girls.

Gone the era of Caucasian Barbie®, Ken®, and Skipper®, in blonde or brunette, with a single physical appearance that made feminists raise their voices. Barbie® is inhuman, saintly, unachievable and disproportioned Barbie® now has different body types (tall, short, thin or full-bodied), with 7 skin types, 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles. She is Asian, Black American, African, Latina, Indian, and Caucasian. Most importantly, aligned with Ruth Handler's original insights while factoring in the advancement of women, Barbie® now has a career, in addition to Ken®, a kid sister, and a fabulous wardrobe. Now, Barbie® (and Ken®), offer more depth of character, and a wider set of options, making it perhaps unambiguously easier for little girls to identify, to dream and to play.  

Mattel®’s latest campaign “You can be anything!” aims to please feminists, while inspiring little girls to also fulfill their potential in a career of their choice, to become filmmakers, vets, scientists, astronauts, professors, coaches, musicians, army officers, construction workers, athletic champions, plus more.

On International Woman’s Day, Mattel® has also released more global women sheroes in the new line of Barbie® sheroes, comprising modern-day role models and historical sheroes. A list of Barbie®sheroes is hyperlinked below.
Just a few of the Barbie® sheroes

Happy International Woman's Day to all!

Barbie® – Mattel®
Mattel® (March 6, 2018) Barbie® honors global role models on International Woman's Day 

Mattel - Barbie® role models

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